Reliability of Interventions,
Efficacy in the Results

Sia, specialized in automated systems integration, has software, electrical and mechanical competences and it is able to offer its customers a complete service in industrial automation, with customised and ideal solutions for every single need.

Design talent enables us to fully develop the industrial automation plants from the electric panel on board machine, studying the feasibility in close collaboration with the customer.

Our electric control panels and control systems are highly reliable and flexible. Add to this the easy availability of spare parts. Each project is designed to improve the performance and reduce the cost of management and maintenance of the plant.

SIA offers services ranging from study to the setting up, from consulting to training on PLC or PC control systems.


  1. Consulting
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. HW and SW design
  4. Plants Realisation
  5. Ordinary and preventive maintenance
  6. Assistance contracts
  7. Revamping Industrial Plants and Control Systems
  8. After sell service



  • Handling pieces.
  • Forming Lines Metal sheet.
  • Welding Lines Metal Sheet.
  • Moulding Lines concrete products.
  • Assembly and Testing Lines.
  • Packaging Lines.
  • Electric Motors Characteristics Control Desks.
  • Components Reliability Desks in Climatic Chamber.
  • Control Systems for air transport Conveyor Chain.
  • Vision Systems for Dimensional control and production management.
  • PLC Programming courses on Siemens development environment .



  • Automatic lines assembly and testing injectors .
  • Automatic lines calibration pressure regulators.
  • Data acquisition systems for time-tested.
  • Data acquisition systems for functional testing.
  • Test Desks for auto components (injectors, transmissions, manifolds, regulators).
  • Staff training for plants maintenance.
  • PLC Programming courses on Siemens development environment.