An offer focused on the customer’s needs

IMG_2524SIA works with highly specialised professional figures to give a complete and competitive offer focused on the customer’s needs

In an ever-changing market, Sia offers a flexible and dynamic structure.

Every business activities are carried out “per Order” and considering the necessary integration with external structures and the final customer, for each system to be implemented there is a direct and vertical involvement of partners at all stages of the order. (Definition , implementation, adjustement, assistance).

IMG_2527Sia is in the market as a company that integrates systems for industrial automation; for this reason, the company does not offer “products” but ‘experiences’ which, over the years, have identified it as a developer of systems implemented according to the customer’s needs.

in many years of activity, SIA has developed and gained several experiences in the automation field with particular interest in the following applications:

  • Study of automatic processes and integrations with production flows
  • Machines and processes management through PLC controls
  • Handling.
  • Controlled axes
  • Supervision Systems.
  • Data acquisition and process control systems.
  • Quality control systems for components.
  • Field interface via distribution I/Os and PROFIBUS networks.
  • Software Development in dedicated environments.
  • Software development Siemens environment Step-7 / Step-5.
  • Management of quality control systems through Personal Computer.
  • Data acquisition and supervision processes.
  • Management Components Control.
  • Software development in Visual Basic environment.
  • Software Development in C # environment.
  • Software Development in Lab View environment.
  • Production Traceability systems.
  • Artificial vision systems.
  • Process Management with microcontrollers.
  • SCADA Systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)



  1. Consulting
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. HW and SW design
  4. Plants Realisation
  5. Ordinary and preventive maintenance
  6. Assistance contracts
  7. Revamping Industrial Plants and Control Systems
  8. After sell service
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